What is Happily Ever After Fire works in Magic Kingdom ?

Happily Ever After is fire work show in magic kingdom.The technology called Projection mapping (Video mapping and Spatial augmented reality is a projection technology used to turn objects, often irregularly shaped into a display surface video projection ) has been used on large scale. Happily Ever After was opened on May 12, 2017.

Happily Ever After is a multimedia show which throw light on Disney history and future The show includes characters and music from a wide array of Disney films. The show include digital mapping technology .it enables the viewers to get entertain from videos and background music.It also include the theme song of Hong Kong Disneyland’s 10th anniversary celebration.The song is performed by Angie Kielhauer and Jordan Fisher.

Dreams in Happily Ever After

  1.   you must see the Video animation at “Happily Ever After” which gives you though of old castle. It appears like Cinderella Castle.It gives you a message that every one of us has some dreams and wishes. the reality of magic castle you see in front of you is basically a dream of someone.
  2. Meet the “Taina” which was the fictional main character of featured film “The Princess and the Frog“. you see many character which have some special dreams.
  3. You should meet the Ariel  which had fantastic title role in Walt Disney’s Pictures 28th animated film “The Little Mermaid“.
  4. Meet with Remy which has played a vital role in 2007 American Computer animated comedy  film Ratatouille . He wish to be a best cook in  Paris.
  5. Try to meet the Rapunzel , who have a dream of freedom from her tower . who have best role in 2010 American 3D computer-animated musical adventure film Tangled.
  6. Never miss to see character Quasimodo  of  an American (1996) animated musical drama film “The Hunch Back of Notre Dame“. Quasimodo dream to get out of Notre Dream Tower.
  7. you  should listen and sing the  motivation song “Down in new Orleans” and “Out There” in “Happily Ever After”.

Journey of  Happily Ever After

Let you will have a journey with single character who have a role in a number of movies.

  1. Meet the Merida, who has key role of these movies .The movies are very famous and they show some resemblance with each other.
  2. Merida first appear in an American 3D Computer animated fantasy film Brave  and then appear in  A Bug’s life , Cars , Up , Finding Nemo and Moana .All these movies show the journey of character Merida .
  3. This segment include the song “Touch the Sky ” and “How Far I’ll Go

Friendship in Happily Ever After

This segment highlight the role of Alladdin. You can learn about friendship importance in life from such Americans Animated  films “Aladdin” , ” Tarzan ” , ” The Lion King ” , ” Toy Story  “,  ” The Jungle Book ” , ” Wreck-It-Ralph ” ,” Big Hero 6 ” ,” Zootopia  “, “Inside Out “and ” Monsters Inc ” .  These movies are deeply based on adventure of life.

Love , Adversity , Triumph and Finale of Happily Ever After

The Shows is full of adventure and emotion 3D Animated movies. you must go there and see the life of Magic kingdom. These include some action and Comedy films such as  Namely ” Frozen ” with Olaf its main character. similarly Wall E is an American film.It is computer animated science fiction film. After that you can watch the picture of  2016 released american 3D animated comedy adventure film Finding Dory. you will see an american historic 3D animated movie Dumbo . Here meet with Emperor of China , a role from American animated musical action-comedy drama film Mulan .

Let see “The Incredible ” which is released in 2004, is an American Computer animated Superhero Film .

Do not miss the beauty of Film ” Sleeping Beauty ” . It was released in 1959. It is an american Musical fantasy film.

Here you will also learn memorable lesson from fantasy films like pirates of the Caribbean , Go the Distance and Tinker Bell.

A list of songs you listen here are Trashin the Camp , Hakuna Matata , You’ve Got Friend in Me , The Bare Necessities , That’s What Friends Are For  , Friends Like Me , Love is an Open door , Can you feel the Love Tonight , You’ll Be in My HeartA whole New World , I See The Light . After all you will finally listen this song   Here’s a Pirate .

Hope you have enjoy all the stuff about Happily Ever After , pass your comment what are your feeling now.


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