What are the important symbols in Disney world magic kingdom map 2018

I will discuss here the important task of Disney map and Disney world magic kingdom map, that is about to understand the disney map symbols.

To reach the pure understanding o disney map , we should well know about its legend symbols . Now we will read each of Disney map symbol one by one.

List of Important symbols in Magic kingdom Map

1- Restrooms : This  is combination of Male and female dark Black symbol. Any place in the sections of Disney Map , where its has been used, it represents the guest restrooms .

2- Accessible Restrooms :  These restrooms are specially designed for Guest of Disney  who are disable and does not have normal life.

3-Companion Restrooms : This is the restroom which is specially designed for disable person and non movable.Many recommended facilities are available for family members in Walt Disney Restrooms.

4- First Aid + : Walt Disney generated the first Aid service for their guest with cooperation of Florida Hospital.

5-Guest Relations : This has been made to give information to the guest about Disney theme park. The information are available in six languages English , Spanish , French , Portuguese , German and Japanese . You must facilitate your self to get up to date  from such service .

6- ATMs Presented by Chase: Chase has placed a number of ATM’s Panel in Disney  to facilitate the guest and families to ch out their money.

7- AEDs : Automated external Defibrillator (AED) can help to save the lives of Walt disney guest in case of cardiac emergency .therefore a number of AEDs are placed along the Disney Theme park to facilitate their guest in case of emergencies.

8- Smoking Location : There are designated smoking areas in Disney theme park  and you are not allowed to smoke at the restricted areas. A fee of  $500  will be charged on violation of smoking rules.Non smoking areas are listed here Guest rooms including patio and balcony areas , Restaurants , Ballrooms , indoor and Outdoor common areas.

9- Baby Care center : Baby care center located with in all theme park, baby care centers provides a convenient place to feed , change and nurse title ones.Disney baby care center provides

  • Private nursing room with comfortable rocking chair.
  • changing room with tables and Unisex bathroom.
  • Disney feeding area with high chairs.
  • kitchens with microwave oven and sink
  • Main room with television , table, chair and sofa
  • On site shopping offering formula , baby food , Juice , diapers , Wipes , sunscreen , over the counter medications and clothing for purchase

10- Stroller and Wheel chairs : Throughout the Walt Disney theme park , Stroller and wheel chairs are available on rent  to facilitate the disables , old and children.

11- Locker and Rentals : You can buy a locker at Disney with a key having price of $5 which is refundable. You have to return your key with an hour after the closing of park. Coin based locker are also available near the Bus information Booths  at Epcot and at Disney’s  Hollywood studio.

12- Service Animal Relief area: Service animals are present through out the Disney theme park at designated location to facilitate the Disable person.

13- Disney Photo pass Photographer: Yes this amazing service is available in Disney theme park to facilitate the  guests to memorize their best moments at Disney theme park.

14- Memory Maker Sales Center : Memory Maker is an incredible way to enjoy digital Disney Photo Pass photos . You can download these photos. These are directly connected to your Disney account.

15-Nikon Picture Spot : Disney also offer you to take these picture by using Nikon picture spot placed through out the Disney theme park.

16- May Remain wheel Chair/ECV : May Remain in Wheel Chair is Available is Disney theme park for guest to enjoy the attractions using Motorized scooter/Wheel chair.



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