What are the Seven Facts about Luzhniki Stadium Seating Chart 2018 ?

we are going to discuss the Facts about Luzhniki Stadium.Every place has some facts . people are always interested to read out the facts of visiting places. in this article we will mention the 7  Facts about Luzhniki Stadium.

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Stadium are always interesting place for those people who want to see their fan’s live performance, but scenario is that people are always seeking for comfortable and green environment.so to give complete luxury environment , the countries are always interested to make the sophisticated and perfect structure of stadium to attract the players and visitors from all around  the world.

The stadiums are made to cover huge amounts of peoples , so they are made with a scenario like that. Russia  has total 12 venues for FIFA 2018. Each stadium has different seat plan.The Facts about Luzhniki Stadium are given below.

 7  Facts about Luzhniki Stadium


  1.   The most important fact about  Luzhniki Stadium is that it will host the opening and final match of FIFA Cup 2018.The 1st and opening match of FIFA Cup 2018 will be  between Russia and Saudi Arabia on 14 June 2018.It will be the 1st match of group A and FIFA. The Final Match will also on 15 July 2018 in Luzhniki Stadium.
  2. The 2nd fact about Luzhniki Stadium is that it is the largest venue of FIFA Cup 2018 and Russia. Luzhniki Stadium has capacity of 81000 seats.The record attendance was made in  3 October , 1963. A football match was played between Soviet union and Italy . The attendance was 102,538.
  3. Total 7 and most important matches of fifa 2018 will be at  Luzhniki Stadium.
  4. The old name of  Luzhniki Stadium is Central Lenin stadium.
  5. The opening date of  Luzhniki Stadium was 31 July,  1956. The estimated budget which was served on  Luzhniki Stadium is 350 million.
  6. The Luzhniki Stadium remained the chief stadium during 1980 Olympics.
  7.  On 20 October , 1982 a disaster was occurred in Luzhniki Stadium which was result into death of 66 people and 61 injuries.

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