How to make Reservations at Be our guest restaurant

People have interest in  Reservation at BOG to save their time. For reservation you must know the exact time of Be Our Guest restaurant.Look at the table .

  1. Be Our Guest Restaurant Menus
  • 8 :00 AM ———- 10:30 AM    ( BOG Breakfast )
  • 11 :00 AM ———- 02:30 PM    ( BOG Lunch )
  • 04 :00 PM ———- 10:00 PM    ( BOG Dinner )

you can not reserve your brakefast , lunch and dinner at the given day . try to reserve your table at BOG at least 180 days before you will visit the Be our guest restaurant.

The BOG starts accepting reservation before 6 months of your tour. it is one of the most advance and unique designed restaurant

some people are interested in making reservation for only them , do not do that , you can make reservation at Be our guest restaurant for 3-4 person , later on if you only go for trip , you can tell your problem to your officials , they will guide you and cancel the extra one.

Try to choose time of 3:00 pm – 10:pm  for online reservation , it is less busy time and BOG officials will reserve your plan at instant time.

If you do not get reservation at 1st time , do not loose hope . try for 2nd attempt, hope you will get reservation at Be our guest restaurant at 2nd time.

you must have knowledge of disney off season. it is important for you to make your reservation as early as possible , if you are planning to visit the Be our guest restaurant in your summer vocation.there is huge crowd in summer because every one want to enjoy his summer in disney.

similarly there are 10 days in your winter vocation , there is huge crowd who want to enjoy their vocation at disney with their loving one.

For example i try for reservation  for 11/03/2018  at Be our guest restaurant , but they said they have no more. so try to understand that you must reserve your meal at Be our guest restaurant before 140-180 days of your trip. thank you

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