The Space Center Houston,Texas is one of the Main Attraction for Tourist

The Space Center Houston is important for every visitor who want to enjoy the Space technology and outcome of STEM (Science, technology , engineering and Mathematics ). but some information you must know before visiting the Space Center Houston . i will throw some light on the history and key factors of Space Center Houston .

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The space center Houston is owned and operated by the Manned space flight education foundation . it is non profit educational foundation playing a vital role in the era of space education and space museum.

The biggest achievement of Manned space flight education foundation is Space center Houston. it is the world No-1 space science exploration center. It is one of the leading research center for the students of astronomy.

It is one of the main attraction at Houston , Texas united state of America. Houston has leading attraction places in it for international tourist.  Space center Houston is the official research center of NASA.

The Space center Houston was opened in 1992 . every year almost 20 millions people from all around the world visit Space center. it is producing almost $40 – $80 million every year to increase the economy of Houston , Texas.

The Space center Houston is a leading place for the people who love STEM . yes i am talking about Science , technology , engineering and Mathematics. It inspires the youth to choose their career in research and development of STEM and explore some thing new for human benefits and adventure.

The Space center Houston  has more than 400 space artifacts and largest collection of original  moon rocks  samples. NASA Mission Control , International Space Station Mission Control and astronauts training , guests are welcomed to see the NASA Johnson space center.

What things to do in the Space center Houston?

It is amazing for your knowledge that there are more than 400 things to do in The Space Center Houston.

  1. Start ship Gallery : It is the first place , you should visit and see the extension of technology. it is the home for a number of artifacts. here is Skylab to train the astronauts for space life.a list of spacecraft are there which include Gemini V , Faith 7 and Apollo 17. you can touch the moon rocks available in  Sky lab in Space center Houston.
  2. Independence Plaza:  The Independence plaza contain historic shuttle carrier aircraft NASA 905 .The Space center Houston officials allows you half and an hour to explore the shuttle and the chemistry behind it.
  3. NASA Tram Tour : you will take tour of Rocket park , home of Saturn V rocket. it is the powerful rocket built in the world ever.The information screens will help you to see the other places which you will tour step by step. You can visit NASA Tram Tour in case of good weather  condition.
  4.  Astronaut Gallery: It is most informative gallery for the people who are interested in   astronauts field.  It contains world most comprehensive collection of astronauts apparel and space suits.
  5.  International Space Station Galley : This galley include  live presentation , artifacts , space hardware , displays and many important orbiting tools from International space station.
  • Films and Live Shows
  1. Destiny Theater: This Theater include the movies which throws light on the history of  space exploration and artifacts in Space center Houston.
  2. Space Center Theater: it is one of the biggest tower based theater in Texas , with the latest audio and video technology.
  3. Living in Space : In this portion , you will discover how much the difficult life of an astronauts. how much difficulties on daily basis in space environment. Even drinking a glass of water is how much a difficult task in space era.
  4. Mission Briefing Center: The Space center Houston has mission briefing center in it , where you will be given real time on current NASA mission and projects.
  •  Attraction for Kids

  1. Kids Space Place: This portion of Space center Houston is specifically designed for youngster. it has many interactive , hands on educational exhibits.
  2. Stellar science show: This is the show where professional throws light on space technology . They  explain it by real time explaining the scientific concepts and reason. it motivate the children to explore era of space technology by engaging them in STEM.
  3. Motion Simulators: Hydraulic Simulator and theater are used to guide the kids about space journey.

Try the Different Food at Space center Houston

The Space center Houston has two gifts shop which include wonder full things. it has every thing from  astronauts Ice cream to  NASA mission patches.

  • Zero -G Dinner : it is the name cafe / canteen which provides Breakfast, Lunch and dinner to the guest. it include mostly fast foods. The coco cola is beverage provided in the Space center Houston.

Download Guide Map of Space center Houston

It is important for every tourist that he/she must have full guide map with him/her to quickly review the touring place.

When does  Space center Houston open ?

The Space center open usually from 9-a.m. to 5-p.m. The Complete address for space center is “ 1601 E NASA Pkwy, Houston, TX 77058, USA 

Saturday Time


Sunday Time


Monday Time


Tuesday Time


Wednesday Time


Thursday Time


Friday Time


Important Points  For Tourist at Space center Houston  
  1. You must have Some necessary things with you including Comfortable Clothing  , shoes , bags and cameras.
  2. Do not bring Weapons , luggage , Alcoholic beverages , Food and coolers , pets , camera equipment, aerial Drones and character Masks at space center Houston.
  3.     A limited number of free transportation , wheel chairs , rest room type facilities are provided by Space center Houston.
  4. Space center Houston ticket system is important for every tourist. many people want discounts. it allows discounts in tickets to military and AAA members.
  5. For more information about Space center Houston ticket system , you must visit there official site.
  6. You must visit first the information center to get updates and map guide about Space center Houston.
  7. if you need cash during visit to space center , there are two ATM Machines ,where you can with drawl your cash amount.

If any one of you have some query , feel free to discuss with me.

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