Hermann Park Houston has endless adventure for the Tourist

Hermann Park Houston is a awesome place built by the grouped work of Houston and Hermann organization to promote the environmental entertainment for the people of Houston and Texas. It was founded on 1914. Hermann Park is conservancy for the present and coming generations. It is non profit citizen property.

Hermann Park Houston is 100 year old Park

The strong relation between public and private , every year Hermann Park Houston produces millions of dollars to produce more and more space for the people fun and enjoyment . The large potion of funds are used to maintain the park. The Hermann Park invest more than $121 million for the improvements of projects in the park.In 2014 , the Hermann Park celebrated its 100 years milestone achieved after a long term efforts.

Hermann Park Houston Awards List

The Hermann Park Houston conservancy receives a number of awards and become a national symbol for its efforts to improve and maintain the park.With the support of donors . The Hermann Park conservancy continues its efforts to increase the projects in Hermann Park.The awards list is given below.

  1. Proud Partner Award
  2. Special Reorganization
  3. Development of Distinction
  4. Cation of Honor
  5. Merit Award
  6. Honor Award
  7. Landmark Award
  8. APA Great public spaces
  9. Good Brick Award
  10.  Honorable Mention Award
  11. Landmark Award
  12. Certificate of Recognition Award
  13. Parks and Natural Areas Awards
  14. Parks and Natural Areas certificate of Recognition
  15. Honorable Mention Award
  16. Merit Award
  17. Development of Distinction Award
  18. Parks and Natural Areas Award
  19. Proud Partner Award
  20. Leadership in Action Award
  21. Community Improvement Award
  22. Good Brick Award
  23. Stewardship Excellence Award
  24. General Award of Excellence

Things to do in Hermann Park and Events in Hermann Park

There is long list of tourist attraction to cover public entertainment. The list is given below.

  1. Bayou Parkland: it is 80 acres place similar to village life .It is green place in the Hermann park.it is one of the peaceful place in the Houston to enjoy the Picnic.
  2. Bill Coats Bridge: There is small canal in the Hermann Park. To connect the two opposite sides along the Canal , a bridge named Bill coats bridge is used .it is suspension bridge and is awesome point of interest for Pedestrians.
  3. Brays Bayou: It is the name of that waterways ,on which Bill Coats bridge is constructed.The water is naturally produced and flowing.The Hermann Park has made only the efforts to include it in the park beauty.
  4.  Buddy Carruth Play Ground for All Children:  Buddy Carruth is fun park and entertainment park which included the swimming  Pool also to cool the guests. The kids mostly stay here because it is very interested attraction for kids in Hermann Park.
  5. Celebration Garden: The celebration Garden is unique venue located in the Herman Park. It is awesome place in the garden to enjoy the beauty of nature.
  6.  Cherie Flores Garden Pavilion: It is the main green enter way to the Hermann park. it has stunning view for the couples and tourist.
  7.   Destination Mount Down: It is Awesome place which shows the deep job of artist. The Houston artist made the walls of Hermann park full of art and fun.
  8. Dellidiidae: A permanent resident of Houston has build the fun for the Hermann park. he have designed one teller bubbly sculptural and some smaller bubbly around it in pink color. the kids have special attraction for the kids.
  9. Family Garden: This is an interactive garden which has vegetables, herbs, fruits,citrus and berries that can be successfully grown in the Houston area.
  10. Friendship Pavilion:The Taipei , the sister city of Houston has gifted a green sitting place, and it is used to facilitate the visitors .
  11. Grand Gateway: This is the Main entrance to the Hermann park and has fantastic horticulture views for the tourist.
  12.  Hawkins Sculpture walk: It is the way of people in Hermann park where they can see 10 busts of notable figures.
  13.  Hermann Park Conservancy Gift Shop: The gift shops offer spark related items like train and pedal boats tickets.
  14. Hermann Park Conservancy Office:  Hermann Park is non profit citizen’s organization used to maintain and  improve the park facilities.
  15. Hermann Park Golf course and Golf Club house : The Golf course located in Hermann park was built in 1922. It was the oldest Golf course in the country and is more busy Golf club course in the Houston. it was later on registered with in 1997.Now a new Golf club has been added in the Hermann Park.
  16.  Hermann Park Historic Club House:The Houston park and Recreation Department office is located in the Spanish style building that was originally the Golf course club.
  17.  Hermann Park Rail Road: The Hermann park train is main attraction in the park. it moves from all around the park and stop on the station made by Hermann park.People of all ages mostly buy the train tickets and enjoyed a lot the tour of Hermann park.
  18. Houston Zoo: The Houston Zoo is place of 6,000 animals who are permanent resident of the Zoo.The zoo is awesome and is according to the Worldwide wildlife standard.
  19. Japanese Park: O my dear , amazing i love this place a lot. it is the one of the place where every one want to live permanently. very beautiful and no words for such a natural scenic place. The bridges , waterfalls , water flow, Japaneses maples, Dog woods and cherry trees make the park a peaceful hideaway in the Hermann Park.
  20. Kinder Station: The Kinder foundation has donated $2 millions to make a station . This is the central station for the Hermann Park Railroad. People buy tickets for the train and get 20 minutes rides on train.
  21. Lake overlook and Molly Ann Smith Plaza: Located on the north , the plaza was built of green lawns to amuse the children.This is peaceful and Awesome place for the visitors in the Hermann Park.
  22.  Lake Picnic Area: The space located between Miller out door Theater and Lake plaza include Picnic tables and BBQ Grills , a Swing Set and much more for the families.It is like Garden with full greenery and scenic views.It is the 2nd best choice to enjoy your picnic in the Hermann Park.
  23. Lake Plaza: It is situated along MC govern lake and has full scenic views . it is there for called scenic Lake plaza. it is adjacent to the main entrance of Hermann park and it has become attraction for the people who visit Houston Zoo and Kinder station.
  24. Lykes Grove : The green ground with USA flag for the people to sit in the Hermann park.
  25. Marvin Taylor Trail: It is 2 mile long road in the Hermann park to run and walk . The tourist feel healthy in the Hermann park when they walk  on the Marvin Taylor surrounded by Heavy Shadow trees.
  26.  Mary Gibbs and Jesse H.Jones reflection Pool: This one of the most popular attraction in the Hermann park. People get coll from the pools.
  27.  MC govern Continental Garden:  Awesome place for the tourist families. It is very peaceful place in the Hermann park.
  28.  MC Govern Lake: The eight acres lake offers the tourist to enjoy the fun of boating and birds swimming.
  29.  The Mecam Fountain: The fountain was gift presented to the Houston by John W.Mecom amd his wife mary. The Fountain is located in the Traffic Circle and is beautiful artificial Fountain.
  30. Mecom Rockwell Colonnade: it is good place for those who love to enjoy the water Fountain. it is the also the part of above one these two were built in 1968 in Hermann Park.
  31.  Miller Outdoor Theater: The Theater offer professional entertainment under the open sky for the tourist and people of Houston. It is one the best Digital Attraction in the Hermann Park.
  32.  O Jack. Mitchell Garden: The garden name is for the dean of school of architecture. The horticultural work and environment made by Hermann Park is Awesome.
  33. Hermann Park Pedal Boat: It is one of the best entertainment for ids and young people to enjoy the fresh water . The ticket for the Boat is of $11. It has increased the entertainment of Hermann Park a lot.
  34. Pine Wood Cafe: The Hermann Park owned the Pine Wood cafe and it has unique taste in itsa dishes served to tourist.
  35. Pioneer Memorial House Museum:The Museum contain the history of Houston.it contains the memories of old Houston.The Hermann park has made efforts to store all the memories of Houston.
  36. Pioneer Memorial Oblesik: It is the gaint monument and was built in the memory Houston founder in 1936 i the Hermann Park. it is the symbol of  Independence of Texas.
  37.  Sam Houston Monument: It is in the memory of General Sam Houston and was built in the Hermann Park.
  38.  Sara H. and John H. Lindsay Plaza: it is the awesome enter way to the Hermann park .The paving bricks made the park entrance stunning.
  39.   Tiffany and Co foundation Bridge: The Tiffany & Co foundation has invested $1 million in 2008 to made this scenic and awesome bridge.
  40. Urban Forest: This is good place to visit in the Hermann park . there  is large variety of tress and plants to make the ecosystem and wildlife secure. if any one want to get some rest , come to the forest and enjoy your picnic.
  41.  Whistlestop Prairie: it was built in 2009 by Hermann park and is full Grassland , which give the tourist just natural scenic views.they can adventure more here than compare to any place in the Houston.
Hermann Park Houston Hours
  • it is opened daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Hermann Park Houston Map Guideline
Hermann Park Map Guide

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