The USS Texas (BB-35) Houston is symbol of bravery for the Americans

The USS Texas (BB-35) Houston is the 2nd ship of united states navy and was used in the world war I. The ships was manufactured by US Navy in 18 May , 1912. later on in 1914, it was commissioned by US Navy. Texas is looking to use USS Texas (BB-35) Houston as front sea defender. It is the only ship of US Navy who fight two main war called world war I & World war II.

USS Texas (BB-35) Houston is the only ship who have done combat service to United states of america during two world war. it was the first ship who was served as Technological test bed during wars. it was the first ship who had anti aircraft gun. It is the first ship used to control the gunfire with directors and range keepers. The first US battleship that was used to launch the aircraft.

The USS Texas (BB-35) Houston become the first museum ship in the world after world war. it was ordered on 24 June , 1910. The builder of the company was Newport News Ship building. The cost of the ship was $11,179,195 during up to its commissioning. The cost of the USS Texas is $278,587,615 in 2018.

It was DE commissioned  on 21 April 1948. The nick name of USS Texas is ” Mighty T”. during wars ,USS Texas achieve many milestones.There are many things to do in USS Texas. it is the place of interest for the people who are interested in war stories. It was the state of technology at the time of world war I. It is best choice for tourist to enjoy the Picnic party near historic battle ship. you will find picnic items like picnic tables, grills and water faucets near the battle ship.

In short words , the USS Texas is symbol of bravery for the people of Americans.People who come here make discussions on world wars and the achievements of United state of america.



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