Who are Buffalo Soldiers in Buffalo Soldiers National Museum Houston ?

Buffalo Soldiers in the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum were the Africans Americans soldiers who had done 75% role in United states wars. Any time  any type of situation , Buffalo soldiers were the back bone of Americans Army and they are the proud of united states. Although at the time of War , Africans Americans were not treated good  but now in this is the time of united state of America, where all citizens have equal rights.

Where from Buffalo Soldiers were come ?

Buffalo Soldiers have served proudly in every Americans war. Over two hundred years ago  they were fraught bravely in Civil war.The American congress decided in 19th century to make 6 units of Africans Americans soldiers.

Finally the decision was taken into practical  and 6 units of buffalo soldiers were formed. The Units formed were 9th , 10th and 38th , 39th , 40th and 41th. The two units 9th and 10th were cavalry and 4th units   9th , 10th and 38th , 39th , 40th are infantry.

The 4 units of Buffalo Soldiers were reorganized and two units 24th and 25th were formed. The Buffalo Soldiers were taken on contract for 5 years and their per month salary was $13. This salary is too small as compare to civilian at that time  but Buffalo Soldiers was not a profession ,but it was passion. Buffalo Soldiers have very small concern with their family life and they mostly served their important part of life for their country.

What is the Role of Buffalo Soldiers in Civil War of America ?

The Buffalo Soldiers for 10 cavalry were taken from Northern states. The Colonel Benjamin Grierson was appointed as the commander of the 10 cavalry unit. The 9th unit of Buffalo Soldiers was taken in the command of Colonel Edward Hatch. The 9th cavalry unit of  Buffalo Soldiers was taken from south. The headquarter of the 9th cavalry unit was in Greenville. The  Buffalo Soldiers  units were in the command of white officers. During civil war in America  many White officers left the Army and rejected to lead the  Buffalo Soldiers. Even George Armstrong refuses to command the Africans and accepted the lower rank.


The Buffalo Soldiers were limited to serve only west of Mississippi river due to Civil war effects.The Main duty of soldiers were to protect the west side from settling of immigrants. The newly come immigrants during civil war disturbing the peace and command of the country.They done this on the behalf of building new infrastructure for them.

What is meaning of Buffalo Soldiers used for Buffalo Soldiers National Museum Houston ?

The Name used for the Americans Africans Soldiers that is ” Buffalo Soldiers”  was unique and interesting. it was not used ever before in the history. how ever there are three possible reasons for such name.

  • The firs reason is the Curly hair of Buffalo soldiers , which give them resemble to the hair of buffalo.
  • The 2nd reason is most important that they were very brave like Buffalo.
  • The 3rd is also considerable that soldiers wore coats in winter made of buffalo hide.

what ever the reason of  Buffalo Soldiers  it is the name of honor and bravery.People of America always remember them as the national heroes.

How much you know about Buffalo Soldiers National Museum Houston ?

Thousands of Americans come every year to give respect and honor to Buffalo Soldier. when people come to the Museum  they will not learn only Africans civilization but also get information about the history of Americans. The Mission of the Buffalo Soldiers National Museum Houston is to keep the history of brave man and woman who participate in great Americans wars. The gallery of Museum contains number of old picture and art to refresh the history brave Buffalo Soldiers.They have fought bravely in every Americans war.

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum Houston Hours and Admissions

  • Monday – Friday 10 am : 5 pm
  • Saturday , 10 am – 4 pm
  • Closed Sunday

The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum tickets are $10 per person , $5 for the students , 62+ and Military persons. Under the age of 5 are free

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum Houston Parking Guide

  • Paid Parking
  • Street Parking
  • 1 hour parking will be charge $5 , while 2 hours parking will be charge $6 , $7 metered and street parking

Buffalo Soldiers National Museum Houston Map  Pdf Guide Online

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 Buffalo Soldiers National Museum Map guide online 2018

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