What are the things to do in Children Museum of Houston ?

The things to do in Children Museum of Houston are really a question matter for those one who are interested to see the fun for their kids.The mission of Children Museum is to transform communities through  innovative child  learning  process.The Houston city has largest population of children in the united state of America.Every year ,more than 1 million children come to the Houston city and enjoy the Children Museum.

What is About Children Museum of Houston ?

Children Museum Houston is basically a learning center for the children. The structure of Children Museum is made in a sense for kids learning . The children does not feel any guilty here. There are so many department related to a number of field of science and arts.

the parents can check here that in which branch  their children have more interest. From here , the parents can know the future interest of their children. The Children Museum is not profit organization, so your charity will increase the number of things to do in Children Museum of Houston. it is the 4 star charity organization. if you want to donate now , press this one Donate Now .

what is History of Children Museum of Houston ?

The Museum was founded in 1980. The founder of the Children Museum Houston was Sharon Brier and group of Houston. The museum is serving to 1 million Children every year. The learning classes are in two languages (Spanish/English).The children ages range from birth to 12 years.The workshops related to literacy , science , Math  Health, engineering , Civil engagement, cultural and social studies.The space of Children Museum Houston was extended in 2009 with seven new apartments for more fun of children.


How Children Museum of Houston Serve the Community ?

The Children Museum Houston serves the following community.

  1. Focusing on increasing the child population.
  2. Increase the interest of parents in their children’s learning.
  3. Introducing the Rules and regulation of a class room.
  4. Decreasing the Poverty effect on the learning of children.
  5. It increases the relationship of different cultures and languages with each other.
  6. Increasing the kids focus on hardworking .

Membership of Children Museum Houston

You can  read the complete  Member ship of Children Museum Houston.

The Children Museum Houston Hours

  • Monday —–closed
  • Tuesday – Saturday —-10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Sunday —-12 p.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Thursday 10:am – 8:00 p.m.
  • The secret mission of Children Museum Houston is closed on Free nights .

The Children Museum  Houston Free Days Hours Guide

  • The free admission of children museum is on Thursday. The hours decided are 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.
  • Your group must contain at least one children during visit to children museum.
  • The Tickets for the Children and Adults are $12 per person.
The Children Museum Houston Parking Guide
  • 1 Hour Parking in the Museum ,the charges are $7.
  • 2 Hour Parking in the Museum ,the charges are $8.
  • 3+ Hour Parking in the Museum ,the charges are $9.
  • Explore , inventor and special persons ,the charges are $3.
The Children Museum Houston Map Pdf Guide

The Map is important for every tourist who is discovering a new place. The Map Houston children Museum is given below.

The Children Museum Houston Awards
  • In 2005 ,  The Children Museum Houston  is ranked No 1 on MSN.com .
  • In 2001  the child magazine ranked the Children Museum Houston  in 2nd place in the world .
  • Parents Magazine ranked it No 1 museum of children of United states of America.

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