Why it is not possible to make Kalabagh Dam in Pakistan ?

Kalabagh Dam is one the famous Dam who has not been built in Pakistan till 2018. Different Pakistani government come and have done feasibility reports on the Kalabagh Dam , but have not reach the correct solution.

The Kalabagh dam history tells that its summary was proposed since the creation of Pakistan in the Era of British Governance, but the difficulties produced during World Wars was left a deep impression on the progress of the Dam. After the creation of Pakistan , in the Era of Field Marshal Ayub Khan, Pakistan was at No 2 country in the world , who was growing fast. General Ayub take seriously the issue of Kalabagh Dam ,His Governance start working on the Dam , but the working on many Mega industrial and Hydro project was also in process at that time. But due to end of time span of Ayub Era, the project was still in the Paper. After that , No government was serious till 1973 , even the most popular leader Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto has rejected the idea of Kalabagh Dam. but after the 1973, the Era of General Zia-ul-Haq started and he was made remarkable effort to complete this project.

General Zia-ul-Haq made a new feasibility report and he order to built this dam as soon as possible. The chines companies arrived and started working on the project, the machinery was brought from the abroad to process the dam as fast as possible, but unfortunate, on the mishap with the flight of General Zia-ul-Haq, the project get slow and at last the companies return back to their countries. after that in the Era of General Musharraf , Again the Dam was remain at the top list project of countries projects. but it still remain in the papers.

The central government of KPK and Sindh has some concerns on the Kalabagh Dam water distribution from early to present.

Till now it is the real fact that main issue with this Dam is that how to transfer the resident of the Kalabagh Dam, and how to convince them that it is the need of country. because there is almost a huge population of about 10 Lac people will migrate if any Government start working on this project.


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